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Charleston Harbor map: Special Price: 34.99 Framed plus S&H   ( Product # 1022)

George Penington ,from has developed a great new map based around the Civil War in Charleston Harbor.  Each map graphically shows the ships around the harbor and their appropriate location on specified dates. George  has plotted the locations of wrecks such as the Blockade runner "Ruby" off Folly Beach.  The Housatonic and the Hunley are accurately charted according to records  and research that is available.

Using available Naval Records and History, reports, and documents George has been able to discern the locations of such ships as the Canandaigua, the probable course of The Hunley, and the location of various other blockading ships in relation to Hunley the night of February 17, 1864. I have kept the depth gages of the waters around Charleston and have included the locations of the first and second sinking of the Hunley. All the time and research in making this map has been extremely interesting and gives a great perspective of the battles in and around Charleston Harbor from 1861-1865.

The print measures11" wide by 14" long, and is printed on 80 lb paper. The print is available framed or unframed

Charleston Harbor map. (framed) $39.99 plus S&H  (product # 1022)

Item Name: Charleston Harbor map framed
Item Number: 1022
Price: $39.99

Charleston Harbor map. (unframed) $19.99 plus S&H  (product # 1021)


Item Name: Charleston Harbor map
Item Number: 1021
Price: $19.99




Hunley Print Framed : Special Price: 199.99 plus S&H   ( Product # 1050)  

Framed print of Conrad Wise Chapman's painting of the Confederate Submarine  Hunley.  The print is framed in 1and1/2 inch mahogany, and is double matted . The print measures 22" wide by 28" long framed.

Item Name: Framed Conrad print
Item Number: 1050
Price: $199.99


Item Name: Hunley print Framed
Item Number: 1050
Price: $199.99

Also a 9 1/2 X 11 1/2 framed Conrad Wise Chapman's print is available.

Item Name: Framed 9 1/2 x 11 1/2 Conrad print
Item Number: 1051
Price: $49.99


Item Name: Hunley print Framed small
Item Number: 1051
Price: $49.99


Hunley Print : Special Price: 59.99 plus S&H   ( Product # 1020)  
Print of Conrad Wise Chapman's painting of the Confederate Submarine  Hunley. Ready to be framed. The print measures 16" wide by 20" long.

Hunley Print. 59.99 plus  S&H  (product # 1020)


Item Name: Hunley print
Item Number: 1020
Price: $59.99


The Blue Light : Special Price: 29.99 plus S&H   ( Product # 1035)  
I have here a print of the CSS Hunley It is titled The Blue Light It is dated 2001 and measures 201/2" x 17" It was done by Scott Huffer.

Item Name: The Blue Light
Item Number: 1035
Price: $29.99

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